First Aid for Your Pet: The Fundamentals

You know how important a good first aid kit is for you and your family. But it is also good to be prepared for a medical emergency for your pet. Any first aid administered to your pet should be followed by immediate veterinarian care.

You can buy a first aid kit specially designed for pets, or you can put together your own. Here are some things that should be included in any animal first aid kit.

Sterile saline solution

Eye wash

Antibiotic ointment

Hydrogen peroxide

Alcohol prep pads

Petroleum jelly

Large sterile gauze pads and rolls

Ace bandage

Adhesive tape



Latex gloves

Small flashlight

Nylon leash and muzzle

Milk of magnesia

Activated charcoal

Insect bite ointment

Nail clippers

Grooming clippers

Instant ice pack

Blunt tip scissors

Thermal blanket

Hydrocortisone cream

List of veterinarian, animal hospital, and poison control phone numbers.

Proof of rabies vaccination status, copies of medical records, and a current photo of your pet.

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