Cut Down That Office Clutter

If you find that you can't find anything on your desktop, or that your towers of papers are about to topple over, these tips are for you. Using these simple ideas can help cut down on office clutter, making you more organized and productive.

1. Clean out and organize your office files. File cabinets have a tendency to become overstuffed, making finding your documents a challenge. Purge your file drawers of old, unused files and of documents that no longer need to be kept.

2. Clear your desk of unused items. Knick-knacks, old letterhead, extra coffee cups, and any other items you don't need for the day-to-day work you do should be removed or placed into a supply cabinet.

3. Throw away outdated reading material. It is easy to hold onto magazines, trade journals, newspapers, and sales material, hoping that you will one day have time to read them. However, most of the time, they just end up taking up precious space on your desk. Either toss them altogether, or organize them in storage boxes on a shelf.

4. If your desk is consumed by your computer monitor, try moving it. Place it on a computer stand to give you space underneath for storage. Even better, consider upgrading your monitor to a slimmer flat LCD screen, which takes up a third of the space of a traditional monitor.
5. Mount shelving near your desk to allow you to place items from your desk out of the way but still within reach. Space under your desk can be utilized with a file cabinet or other storage unit. 
6. If you have multiple pieces of office equipment, such as a fax machine, printer, and scanner, consider investing in a multifunction unit that can handle all of these tasks with much less space needed.

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