Aid a Universal Problem: Help Your Child Deal with Bullies

Bullying seems to be a universal problem faced by children growing up. Despite many efforts to combat this aggression in schools, your child may still face the unwanted prospect of dealing with a bully. How can you best help your child? These strategies can help keep your child safe and in control.

Encourage your child to develop real and strong relationships with trusted adults and friends. He should feel comfortable around people who appreciate him for who he is and what he can accomplish.

Encourage your child to share his thoughts with you and be available to listen if he is worried about something.

If your child feels like he or she is being bullied, don’t downplay the situation. Try to get more details to understand the situation. It is usually not helpful to just tell your child to ignore the aggression.
Teach your children resilience skills. Encourage brave and courageous behavior and tell them to speak up when they see a wrong being done.

Suggest sticking with friends. If the teasing or bullying feels like too much, encourage your child to talk with his or her teacher for help.
Talk to your child’s teachers and other parents about ways to reduce bullying in your school community.

If the bullying goes beyond simple and temporary teasing, be sure to document the details. You can contact the authorities at your child’s school for assistance in addressing the problem.

If your child has been traumatized or injured by continued bullying, consider seeking help from a mental health provider.

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