Important Information to Leave with Your New Babysitter

If you are using a new baby-sitter, you will need to leave more than just some phone numbers. It is important to take some time before your first time away to introduce your sitter to your children, home, and safety procedures. 

Leave your cell phone number, the numbers of trusted neighbors or relatives that live close by, and the phone numbers for emergency services in your area. In addition to writing down these phone numbers, be sure to also write down your address. In an emergency, your sitter may not remember your house number, especially if she is under stress.  

Discuss your fire evacuation plan. Instruct your sitter to make it the first priority to get the children out of the home in case of a fire. She should not feel the need to try to put out any fire. It is crucial to remove the children from the home and then to call emergency services. Show your sitter all the exits from the home, how to operate all the locks, and where to go after leaving the home to call for help. 

In the event of a power outage, your sitter will need to know where you keep a flashlight, candles, matches, and blankets. If you anticipate bad weather, you may also want to leave a weather emergency kit, with a battery-operated radio, basic first aid kit, and bottled water.  

If your child has any special needs, your sitter will appreciate it if you write those down as well. It may be overwhelming to hear too many instructions all at once, so writing down things such as allergies, bedtimes, and other special care your child may need can help your sitter to remember. Also, don’t forget to show your sitter where you keep first aid supplies.

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