Wrap It Up!

Have you noticed that wrapping a gift can cost more than the gift itself? There are some ways to cut the cost of gift-wrapping. Try these tips this holiday season.

Brown paper bags can be decorated with stamps, markers, or paint. Tie the top with yarn or raffia. Use white trash bags to wrap large or oddly shaped presents. Check your local newspaper office to see if they sell “ends” from the newsprint paper. You can decorate the paper in many different ways.
Make the wrapping part of the present itself. Wrap a gift of clothing in a pretty scarf and tie it with a hair ribbon. A purse or small bag could hold another smaller gift. Use a tablecloth or towel to wrap up a gift. Check thrift shops for old tins, hat boxes, or fabric remnants that would make great gift containers. Baskets also make great gift holders.

Use curling ribbon instead of other bows or ribbon. It is cheaper and can give a wrapped gift a very festive look. Make tags by cutting up holiday cards from the year before. Simply cut around an image from the front and write on the back. Punch a hole in one corner and thread curling ribbon through it. Tie it on your package for a nice touch.

Finally, buy your wrapping paper for next year at the after Christmas sales this year. You can save up to 75% off. Place it in a plastic bag to keep it clean and dry.

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