Ease Your Pet into Having a Friend: Bringing Home a Second Pet

If you are considering getting another pet, you should spend some time making sure it will be a good fit for your current animal. The first thing you should do is make sure that your first pet is agreeable to other dogs. Take him to visit a friend with a dog or try out a dog park to see how he interacts with other dogs. If he is aggressive with every dog he meets, you may need to reconsider your decision. 

But if he is ready for a new friend, your best bet is to bring your dog to meet a new dog in a neutral environment. This can be a kennel, a parking lot, a park, or a friend’s house. This allows you to introduce them without experiencing territorial behavior. Keep both dogs on leashes and let them approach each other slowly. 

There are some ways to make the change easier on your pet. If you have a spayed female, your best bet is to add a male to your family. Males and females get along better than a pair of the same sex. If neither animal has had obedience training, try taking them together. This will help keep them well behaved around each other and other people and animals. 

Also remember that dogs most often fight over resources, such as food, beds, toys, bones, and human attention. Give each dog his or her own bed and take care when handing out snacks and filling food bowls. You should always feed the dominant dog first to avoid any conflict.

Whether its money, pet care, or traveling tips, we have all the information you need right here at Apex 5510 Apartments in Boulder, Colorado. We invite you to enhance your lifestyle with these helpful tips! 

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