Avoid These Financial Mistakes

Keeping more of your money and spending it wisely should be a goal for everyone. Unfortunately, it is easy to make some simple money mistakes. Be careful about these three common money goof-ups.
Paying Late Fees Each Month

Paying the occasional late fee isn’t going to break you, but if you are late every month, you may need to get better organized. You can ask your creditors to change your due dates on accounts to make it easier to pay on time. Some people like having all their due dates around the same time, and some prefer a couple of due dates during the month. Simply call your creditors and ask them to adjust the date. Then set automatic reminders on your calendar, and you won’t be scrambling to stay ahead of your due dates again.

Not Checking Your Credit Score

You should check your credit score at least three times a year. You can request one free credit report each year from the three credit rating agencies, Equifax, Experian, or Transunion. Report any discrepancies immediately to these agencies. If you believe there is any fraud, be sure to report that to all three agencies, even if you only see this on one report. 

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